Introduction to coding

Pick up the essential skills to start building with code and realising your own design ideas on the web.

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What you'll learn

Get to grips with the skills and mindset needed for a career working with code.

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Web Fundamentals

How to build static web pages using HTML and manipulate how elements appear using CSS

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Get Started with JavaScript

How to write basic code, understand how to manipulate data and use arrays, and develop functional programs using selection and loops.

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Programming Tools

How to use essential tools – such as Visual Studio and GitHub.

Our Programme

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Take your first steps

Start at your own pace, then dive deeper when you’re ready to get stuck in. Whatever your interests are, we’ll help you to navigate the possibilities and set a direction that’s best for you.

Learn by doing

Master the digital skills that industry wants by tackling real-world projects, without an exam in sight. Receive digital certification and celebrate your achievements with others.

Supported by a community

Help is on hand. Our industry experts can answer all of your questions and help guide you every step of the way. Connect with others for help, motivation, and support.

Go further

Taking part in our programme is just the start. We’re creating new opportunities for our learners, and providing career guidance tailored to you and your future.

Recognised by industry

Our courses have been developed by and for industry, with the involvement of those currently doing the job who know what’s needed to get ahead.

Free to join

Our programme offers the equivalent expertise, standard of learning, and career support you’d find in courses which typically cost thousands. All we ask for is your time and a commitment to develop yourself.

Develop Yourself.

Shift Click is the best start for a possible future in coding – a chance to learn valuable skills and boost your career prospects.
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