Full Stack Web Development

Build digital products from start to finish, back-end to front-end, using the latest and best engineering and project management practices.

Full-time, starting in early 2021.

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What you'll learn

Tackle real-world projects in an industry work environment whilst working as part of a team.

Software Development Foundations

All the tools and techniques you need to become a professional developer, including using the command line, coding with Visual Studio & version control with Git, pair programming and test-driven development.

Back-end Service Design

Everything you need to deal with the server-side of your product, including writing programs with Node.js, how websites are accessed, how to securely store & retrieve data from websites, and using APIs.

Front-end Interaction

Design and build interactive applications using React, and deploy your product to a server so it can be accessed via the internet.

Inclusive Design

How to build websites that can be accessed by everyone, building accessibility into every aspect of the design process, including colour palettes, navigation, layout, all the way to how we write our code.


Use an Agile approach to build multiple projects, building your portfolio while gaining experience in how development teams work together in industry.

Career Support

Guaranteed work experience placement and interviews on completion of the program with ongoing support and further learning opportunities to keep building your skills.

Our Programme

Free to join, and doesn't affect your access to Universal Credit

Take your first steps

Start at your own pace, then dive deeper when you’re ready to get stuck in. Whatever your interests are, we’ll help you to navigate the possibilities and set a direction that’s best for you.

Learn by doing

Master the digital skills that industry wants by tackling real-world projects, without an exam in sight. Receive digital certification and celebrate your achievements with others.

Supported by a community

Help is on hand. Our industry experts can answer all of your questions and help guide you every step of the way. Connect with others for help, motivation, and support.

Go further

Taking part in our programme is just the start. We’re creating new opportunities for our learners, and providing career guidance tailored to you and your future.

Recognised by industry

Our courses have been developed by and for industry, with the involvement of those currently doing the job who know what’s needed to get ahead.

Free to join

Our programme offers the equivalent expertise, standard of learning, and career support you’d find in courses which typically cost thousands. All we ask for is your time and a commitment to develop yourself.

Develop Yourself.

Shift Click is the best start for a possible future in coding – a chance to learn valuable skills and boost your career prospects.
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