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January 6, 2021

Video Chat by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Shift Click is an exciting new programming bootcamp, brought to you by digital experts MadLab, and Stockport Council. We’ve put this brief post together to outline the programme and explain how it all works - and of course you can reach out to us here with any specific questions that we haven’t managed to answer here. We’re incredibly excited to bring you this exciting new learning resource, here’s the skinny on how it all works:

So.. what exactly is Shift Click? Why, we’re glad you asked! Shift Click is a completely free industry-strength programming training course series, that aims to equip young people in Manchester with a brand new digital skillset, opening the door to a shiny new career in coding and web development. It’s split into a flexible beginner course (Introduction to Coding) aimed at people with zero experience, and a longer more structured course (Full Stack Web Development). The course is delivered entirely online, and learners are supported every step of the way by our team of experienced tutors and mentors.

There’s no catch, either: Shift Click is fully funded by the GMCA’s Fast Track Digital Workforce fund, which is squarely aimed at enabling new pathways into employment for the residents of Manchester - that’s where we come in, bringing everything we know about bang-up-to-date coding teaching and combining it with the fund to bring Manchester this bold new learning opportunity. Places are limited, and there is an application process, but there is zero cost to you - all you need to bring is a sparkling can-do attitude and willingness to learn and engage with the course. We’ll do the rest!

Specifically, Shift Click is aimed at young people in the Greater Manchester area, aged 18-30, who are either unemployed or under-employed. This could mean, for example, those on zero-hours contracts, part-time employment, or those employed full-time but wanting to make a leap into a new career by skilling up on this course. Shift Click is also compatible with things like Universal Credit, so you’ll be supported while you’re learning. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, do get in touch and we’ll help you out.

There are two flavours of course to choose from:

  • Introduction to Coding: this first course is aimed at beginners, and takes learners from zero experience right into a solid foundation of digital skills with HTML, CSS and introductory JavaScript. This is an intro course, flexibly taught, but still fully supported by our team of mentors - and each other! Read more about this course here.
  • Full Stack Web Development: this is a much more structured intermediate course, taking learners right through a full spectrum of both technical and soft skills focused on modern web development. The beginner course is the ideal setup for this one, for those wanting to step up to the next level. Learn more about this course here.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shift Click is being delivered entirely online, using industry-standard tools and practices to stay in touch and keep updated. Everything is provided digitally, so all you’ll need is a computer or laptop, and an internet connection (if you don’t have access to a computer, we can help here too - drop us a line).   

The only other thing you’ll need is time. The introductory course is completely flexible and self-managed - this means it can be structured around you and your schedule, and we’re on hand during office hours to support you when you need it. The more advanced Full Stack course will be a more timetabled and structured course with a set timetable - although it’s delivered remotely, this course will entail more live and face-to-face time. We’re keen to make sure that learners can stick to the schedule around their other commitments, while ensuring nobody burns out - we’re happy to advise on the practicalities on a case by case basis and ensure that Shift Click is a good fit for you.

The support model is where Shift Click really starts to shine over more self-taught resources (if we do say so ourselves!) - learners will be fully supported by an experienced team made of some of Manchester’s best digital practitioners. The mentoring team are on hand all day to offer help, guidance, insight and support, all handled using industry-standard tools and practices - we stay in touch via Slack (including a social on Friday afternoons to get everyone together), and use video calling to deliver lessons and tutorials too. We also warmly encourage peer-to-peer learning, ensuring that the lessons and knowledge are shared between learners too - as this is self directed content, some people will be further ahead than others, and can share their know-how and experience back with new recruits.  

If you’re eligible, and think you’ve got what it takes to dive in and grab the Shift Click course by the horns, all you need to do is apply online and we can do the rest. If you’re accepted, the Intro To Coding course content is ready to go as soon as you’re in, so you can start learning straight away.

We’ve already had dozens of new recruits join the cohort, with spaces left to fill. Come join us!

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